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Authorization takes 5 minutes and consist of 2 stages. On the 1 stage you will create login and password. On the 2 stage you will fill your Name, Phone and Shipping address of the goods, which we will use in advance.

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- Send your address to your suppliers in China:

收货人:18502078518‬ UK孙盛誉.

广州市荔湾区站前路34号101 库房(近医药大厦)

Warehouse 101 No. 34, Zhanqian Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou City

- Or the address in the USA

Recipient: Name (Turboavia)

Postcode: 07936

City: East Hanover

Street: 6 Merry Lane

Tel: +1.862.701.5727

If you buy on Taobao, pls check the manual here

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During 1-3 days the supplier will provide you the tracking number for your goods in China or USA. Rigester your order in your account by clicking «New shipping».
To create New shipping in your account, pls see the manual here. Don’t forget to fill up the tracking number. It helps to identify your order.

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4 Control the condition of your orders in your account and enjoy your shopping!
After you fill up the information in your account, just relax. After a few days you will know the approximate delivery date of your orders. You will also see the condition changes from supplier sending to receiving in Ukraine.

Price - $8,5/kg
Package - $0,4/kg (but not more then $5/package)
Parcels less than 0,5kg – SUPER deal $5
Collection without quality control – FREE
Collection with quality control – $0,5/kg
China Railway/USA Sea
Package - $0,4/kg (not more than $5/parcel)
Collection without quality control – FREE
Collection with quality control – $0,5/kg

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+38 0739590595

广州市荔湾区站前路34号101 库房(近医药大厦)

+86 18688398837

07936, East Hanover, 6 Merry Lane

+1 8627015727