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Our services

We can provide a warehouse for your needs

If you need to store your cargo temporarily for consolidation purpose, we can provide a warehouse space for you without any extra efforts from your side.

We can repack your cargo

We carefully pack your cargo and wrap it all with a tape to prevent your package from falling apart or getting wet while in transit from China. If necessary, we can check and arrange additional packaging from wood or cardboard, or we can pack your merchandise in an extra bag. This procedure helps to avoid risks of damage and preserve your merchandise appearance.

We can arrange an insurance of your cargo accepted for shipment

The safety of your cargo is our responsibility. We can arrange an insurance of any type of your shipping cargo

We offer shipment to the country of your addressee

We can find the best payment option for you, calculate delivery cost and bring your cargo to your desired destination country.

We can help to prepare documents required

We can help to prepare all kinds of customs papers.

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Export of merchandise and collected cargo from Ukraine. Export customs clearance

Transit speed of shipped cargo is one of the key elements of business success. Your competitiveness on the market hugely depends on how fast you can deliver your orders to endpoint destinations. Talking about in-country transportation, you need to find a trustful and reliable freight carrier that can ensure timely and safe delivery of your cargo. For international cargo transportation, you need to pay a special attention to competent and accurate preparation of all documentations required for your export operation. Our experts will help you with advice about anything related to preparation of customs documents and help you to prepare them correctly.

Who provides export customs clearance service

Export customs clearance can be arrange independently by a declarant or a customs broker, a service agent for customs clearance paper preparation. The papers can also be prepared and submitted by a special commercial customs clearance. Usually it is a person who is an employee of a broker company.

The State Fiscal Authority of Ukraine maintains a special registry of organizations and entities certified to provide customs brokerage services. Before you hire a brokerage service provider you have to verify that the organization of your choice possesses an appropriate license. To do that it is enough to visit the official website of the Fiscal Authority. It is worth to mention the database available there is up to date and updated all the time. It is also recommended to sign a contract to define roles and obligations of parties and service terms and conditions. The Turboavia company works on the logistics market for over 15 years. We can find and offer you the best and the most efficient options for international and domestic cargo delivery.


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Steps to do for merchandise export clearance from Ukraine

In order to properly get prepared for an export operation from Ukraine, you have to follow these procedural steps:

• determine the type of your export operation;

• sign a contract with a broker;

• determine your UKVED code of the merchandise being exported;

• certify your company as a foreign economic activity entity;

• sign a foreign economic contract;

• sign a contract with a cargo carrier company;

• after your cargo loaded on board, transfer your package of documents to the broker for further processing;

• transfer the package of the prepared documents to your customer and the cargo carrier.

There are the following types of export approved locally: regular export, temporary export, transportation of items for repair or warranty service, export of raw materials for processing. The exact type of your export operation can be determined by your broker. The broker can also verify a list of export permissions required and clarify all other details of the operation.

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The list of documents required for export from Ukraine

The following documents are required for export operations:

• customs declaration;

• an agreement with a customs broker;

• a registration certificate of an entity of foreign economic activities;

• a foreign economic contract;

• consignment papers;

• commercial documentation;

• a certificate of origin of goods;

• a certificate of quality;

• a certificate approved with customs stamps on the approval of transport unit for cargo transportation.

Peculiarities of export operations

You should be aware that there is no fee for exporting from Ukraine, except of a list of goods which are subject to export duties. The list of the goods mentioned can be found in the section “Export duties in Ukraine”.

Customs clearance is arranged at the place of cargo location, not at the registered address of your company or at the border.

A simple export operation registration and clearance completes within 4 hours.

Actually, almost any organization in Ukraine can carry export activities regardless of their form of ownership and assets characteristics.

A vehicle engaged in am export transportation is not necessarily subject to customs inspection.

If an exporting company is a VAT payer, it has the right for value added tax refund.

These days for quick and competent customs clearance you need to know a lot of regulatory documents, keep track of changes in tax and customs legislation, have personal business contacts in the area. In order not to get confused of all those special details it is of best practice to delegate all the paper work and related operations to professionals providing customs clearance services. You can easily find one when you hire our company, just call us or write to us. You will get a comprehensive and detailed consultation considering all your desires about the most optimal options for your exact logistics situation. Our company tracks all changes and improves our logistics services all the time in order to provide the top level services and logistic solutions.

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