Our company "Turboavia" provides a service of the delivery of goods from the United States.

Our company "Turboavia" provides a service of the delivery of goods from the United States. The range of services of our company includes:

  • delivery of parcels and commercial goods from America from our warehouse;
  • cargo pick up in the USA;
  • buyout with the transfer to Ukraine.

Most often we recommend using express delivery by air. This delivery option is suitable for sending small private parcels, as well as for the fast and reliable delivery of commercial goods. The time of such delivery from the USA is 7-10 days from the moment when the goods arrived to our warehouse.

Please note that sometimes the time of consolidation by the supplier before shipment to our warehouse can be 3-7 days. This may affect the overall delivery time.

The quotation for express delivery from America is not high due to the US infrastructure development. Departures from the USA are regular 2 times a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

How it works

We have our own warehouse in New Jersey, to which you can send goods. After sending the goods, we need a track number (always provided by the supplier / seller) and a description of the shipment (link or product photo, quantity and cost).After that, we undertake all subsequent work related to the delivery from the USA to Ukraine. You receive your order in Ukraine and pay. Payment is calculated for each kg of the parcel’s weight. If you wish, you can additionally insure your cargo.

Where to begin

Email us and get the address of the warehouse in the USA for shipping and quotation. After that, send the goods to our warehouse, we will do the rest. The process of working with us is simple and quick. We control every stage of delivery of cargo from the USA and are ready to promptly inform you about it.

To get a calculation of the cost, just call or write to us. On the same day, you will receive an individual customer number and comprehensive consultation, taking into account all the wishes regarding optimal logistics.

Where is interesting to buy in the US

The main trading platforms in the USA are Amazon and Ebay. Amazon is a global giant, the largest online store that sells real consumer goods. Amazon’s market value is second after Apple and amounts to $ 900 billion. And this has a logical explanation. Amazon provides a huge selection of products with perfect logistics in the United States at the lowest price. That is why it is much more profitable to buy goods on Amazon with further shipment to Ukraine.

Ebay was originally conceived as an online auction, but nowadays it has evolved into the second largest online store and the world's first market place. Ebay use many sellers from around the world. Here you can buy both new and used item. Your transactions are fully protected by a well-thought-out seller rating system, as well as by the PayPal payment system, which guarantees protection against fraudsters. Thus, you can safely order goods from American sellers and make delivery from the USA. Our company also helps with the purchase of goods in US online stores.

In addition to these main Internet sites, there are a lot of other specialized online stores selling clothes, electronics, children's clothes, sports goods, fishing and hunting, etc. The main ones are 6pm, Carters, Walmart, Zappos etc. These stores do not deliver to Ukraine, but you can use our warehouse in the United States to consolidate and deliver goods from the United States.

It should also be noted that in the USA it is relatively safe to purchase non-new (used items). In American online stores there is a clear definition of used things. There are also several criteria for assessing the level of used. The thing that was in use in any case should work. All damage, scratches and inaccuracies are described and provided on site or on request. Delivery of used items from the USA is also very popular among consumers.

Another frequently asked question is whether fakes are sold in the USA. The United States most in the world protects intellectual property rights. Delivering goods from America eliminates the risk of receiving counterfeit products. You are guaranteed to get the original brand product.

What is interesting to buy in the US

First of all, it is advantageous to buy clothes, electronics, children's goods, cosmetics, vitamins and sports nutrition. More from the US often deliver cars, motorcycles, scooters and other vehicles. Specialized high-tech products are also delivered. In fact, the choice in the US is much wider, and the cost, even with delivery to Ukraine, is often more profitable than buying in Ukraine.

So, if you want to buy cheap goods for your own use or to deliver commercial goods from the USA, our company is ready to help you with this. We will provide the best quotation, and work with us will be simple and fast. We try to provide the best service and are ready to deliver the goods to anywhere in Ukraine. Import from the USA with Turboavia is the right solution for your business.

Have questions?

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