Air delivery from China is the fastest and most reliable logistics option to
Ukraine. Our company makes three flights of departure weekly.

Why choose air delivery

Recently, due to the low cost, an increasing number of businessmen choose air delivery from China to Ukraine as a priority in their activities. Air delivery of goods from China makes it possible to promptly replenish stock surpluses, make faster cash flow, and also not lose money on the depreciation of the national currency.

Air delivery is not interchangeable if samples need to be delivered in order to test and evaluate a product. Also, due to the rapid technical progress, electronics quickly depreciate, giving way to new models. The same thing happens with trend things, which are rapidly losing profitability as the fashion passes or the supply on the market increases.

In such a situation, the apparent savings in the cost of sea delivery, for example, will be offset by the depreciation of the goods.

The main advantage of air delivery from China from our company is the ability to deliver such difficult logistics positions as: batteries, liquids, powders, medicines. We can ship various groups of goods

What do you need to know about air delivery from China?

The price of air transportation is calculated for each kg. You pay for the number of kilograms transported. It is important to understand and take into account such a term as volumetric weight. This is the value that characterizes the density of the cargo. The normal for air transportation is the density of 167kg / m3 (according to the international standards). Cargo with such or greater density is calculated by its real weight. If the density is less than normal at 167 kg / m3, then the cost of the cargo will be calculated by volume weight and the tariff will be slightly higher. For example, for cargo with a density of 90kg and a volume of 1m3, you will need to pay extra, since the airlines calculate the tariff for additional freight of 77kg. It is the weight that is not enough.

Useful terms that you need to know when doing business in China are: invoice, packing list, track number. Invoice (English Proforma invoice or PI) is an invoice for payment in international trade. It consists of the invoice number, company details, product name, quantity, unit price and total price. Sometimes suppliers add details for payment below. After the initial negotiations, to document the transaction, always ask the Chinese suppliers for an invoice. After payment on the invoice (our company is also ready to help with payment on China), the supplier begins to collect the goods. As a rule, the timing of the preparation of the order usually takes 3-14 days. If it is not possible to freeze funds for a long time, you can pay 30% of the prepayment and then 70% of the amount when the cargo is ready.

To get a calculation of the cost, just call or write to us. On the same day, you will receive an individual customer number and comprehensive consultation, taking into account all the wishes regarding optimal logistics.

After the cargo is ready, the supplier sends it to us at the warehouse and provides the customer with a packing list (English Packing List or PL). The packing list contains information about the number of boxes, their weight, volume and total values. It is advisable to redirect this packing list to us so that we can verify the data with what goes to our warehouse.

In addition to the packing list, the supplier must provide the track number and the name of the carrier so that you can track the movement in China to our warehouse. This makes tracking and identification of cargo much easier.

Air delivery from China is the main way of delivery by our company. Above, we tried to briefly provide useful information related to air delivery. With us, this process will be easier. Call or email us and we will give you a prompt response and will happily deliver your goods.

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