Let’s do business with China - Search for prospective vendors and suppliers

We can help you to find better options to build your supply chain. We can check if they have required export licenses paying attention to the most important moments. We can will help you to establish a direct cooperation with suppliers, not resellers or commercial intermediaries. We can held all negotiations to arrange favorable terms and conditions for cargo freight.

- Money transfers and payments

We can recommend the nest payment option. We can pay you supplier in cash in Yuan (RMB) or in US Dollars by bank transfer. We provide the fastest and safest payment options on the market.

-Quality control

We can verify the quality of commodity supplied to you before shipping and make a photo report. We can arrange repacking or additional packaging if necessary.

- Delivery to Ukraine

We can select and verify better delivery options by air, sea or railway at the best rates on the market. We can arrange cargo insurance if required. Your cargo will be delivered safe and secure, and in time.

It is really easy and safe to starting a business with China with help of our company. We can help to establish direct deliveries or wholesale deliveries from China. Our company works on the Chinese market for over 15 years, that is why we know every detail to help you to avoid problems at the starting step of your business with China.

Our key way of work is not just to make money, but to make money with you. This way we provide all kinds of assistance, best practice and ideas about many solutions to save money while investing to your business in China, and to make profits as fast as possible.

We offer a full range of services at the best rates possible. So you will not pay any extra costs and save a lot of time. We can operate across China including Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong. We can provide many international trade services including VAT refunds, aircraft charters, full point-to-point delivery services, and so on.

We can be your trustful and reliable partner, and we can help to establish a realle profitable commercial business with China.

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