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In our age of digital technology, purchases from abroad have become very popular with Ukrainian consumers. Many compatriots have appreciated the opportunity to purchase branded, original, quality and affordable products. Products presented on the shelves of our stores can be purchased at the largest eBay and Amazon sites without leaving home, with the price will be 2-3 times lower. The Americans themselves, first of all, are looking for products not on official sites or even Google, but go to Ebay and Amazon.

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Purchases at eBay – benefits and advantages

One of the world's largest online auctions offers a wide range of opportunities to both sellers and buyers. You can buy an item here for a price you consider acceptable for yourself.

• The eBay platform offers all interesting in one place, you have no need to register at many online stores;
• You can find here not only new items, but also second hand goods of really good quality and excellent conditions. Thanking to the eBay platform anyone can purchase a right product at a right yet affordable price;
• Purchase protection system, options to return unwanted or unacceptable items;
• The platform has the Russian and other languages interfaces;
• There are the cashback system for purchases, coupons for social network postings, collectable points;
• You can also buy there samples of goods;
• While surfing eBay you can find rare and collectible items that are almost impossible to find offline;

Purchases at Amazon – benefits and advantages

At the Amazon trading platform you can buy many things not widely available in Ukraine and relatively expensive. There are branded clothing, shoes, accessories, appliances, electronics, cosmetics, etc.

  • Absolutely huge selection of products, you can buy almost everything from Amazon;
  • You can find here items not available officially from other online stores in the United States;
  • Registration procedure is very simple and understandable;
  • There are detailed descriptions of items offered, high-quality photos and precise specifications provided, and customer’s comments shared;
  • You can pay whatever way you prefer the most;
  • It is Ideal for family shopping with unlimited shopping opportunities.

Why you can benefit making your purchases in the US online

The main advantage is all prices are affordable and relatively low, but it is not the only one to cause you to buy over the Atlantic ocean.

  • You can buy from the mentioned above online platform both fixed-price single items and commercial lots using auction format;
  • The online platforms are reputable and reliable services with worldwide popularity;
  • They offer safe and secure transactions as they as market leaders feel high responsibility and verify sellers and the quality of goods to be marketed there;
  • They run various kinds of promotions and sales. During so-called "Black Fridays" you can buy items and lots for real bargain prices;
  • You can purchase new products at their peak of popularity without staying in real queues;
  • Out-of-season clothes and shoes can be purchased at huge discounts, items of previous season collections are often to be trendy in Ukraine right after a previous season in the US ended;
  • The web sites offer simple services and easy site navigation;
  • They have not time frames for purchases;
  • You can buy things there both as an ordinary consumer for your own use and as a wholesale buyer for further resale in Ukraine.

Delivery from eBay and Amazon

Of course, there are some minor disadvantages using online stores to order goods. If you have not yet decided to make purchase there it is evidently because you are afraid of possible long delivery time and overcomplicated system of delivering. But with a reliable logistics partner it is not a problem at all. The Turboavia logistics company offer the full of services for both personal and commercial customers. Not only we organize fast, safe and affordable delivery by appropriate transport but also:

  • We can help with buy-out of your items;
  • We can collect and bring your goods to our warehouse in the US;
  • We can store and pack your goods safely and carefully at our warehouse;
  • We can prepare all required accompanying documents;
  • We can deliver your prepared cargo to your desired destination in Ukraine.
  • Discover new opportunities, expand your business operations with a reliable and trustful partner Turboavia.

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how we work

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