Air delivery from Thailand

Turboavia offers a full shipment chain from Thailand to Ukraine with a great value.

Thailand is a rapidly developing country. Thailand is in the top three countries in the Asia-Pacific region by production. The country experiences constant growth of exports every year and needs foreign investments. Because of all these the “Land of Smiles” attracts foreign businesses from all over the World. That is why Ukrainian businessmen are also interested to make business with Thailand, to buy local products cheap and arrange freight to Ukraine. Thailand rapidly becomes a popular destination and product source market. Thanking to a wide range of various products available, Ukrainian businessmen started buying the products in meaningful quantity.

The most popular product groups are:

  • Electronics, components and parts;
  • Various rubber and rubber-based products;
  • Jewelry and иijouterie;
  • Seafood products;
  • Luxury brand clothes;
  • Cosmetics;
  • Sports equipment (boxing equipment and sportswear are of special interest).

The most important step in making profitable deals is to arrange timely delivery of orders to Ukraine. Despite high demand, efficient and well-organized delivery from Thailand by air or sea transports can be secured by very few Ukrainian logistics companies. Turboavia operates successfully on both markets for many years in the field of commodity transportation from Asian countries. We provide reliable and high quality service with guaranties to arrange a proper level of delivery.

To get a calculation of the cost, just call or write to us. On the same day, you will receive an individual customer number and comprehensive consultation, taking into account all the wishes regarding optimal logistics.

Air delivery from Thailand to Ukraine

Air freight transportation from Thailand is a part of the service range offered b y our company. Air freight secures super fast delivery of your cargo to your desired destination, and that is very important in the modern highly competitive market. Thailand has over one hundred airports. Air freight from can be arrange from the largest ones:

  • Suratthani;
  • Pattaya;
  • Krabi;
  • Hat Yai;
  • Udon Thani;
  • Suvarnabhumi.

The Suvarnabhumi airport is located within the border of the Thai capital. It is the main commercial air gate and hub of the entire country. It handles over one million tons of cargo every year. Air freight is the best option for shipping medicines and perishable products. It is also the best choice for transportation of valuable, fragile and expensive luxury products. It is also worth to arrange air delivery when ordering trial products and lots to get samples for Ukrainian domestic market, evaluate product quality and market opportunities and calculate purchasing schemes, optimal shipping routes and overall costs of the deals.

How the air delivery from Thailand is performed?

Air freight operations are performed three times a week. We offer fast and highly reliable cargo transportation for very reasonable rates, thanking to our experience we earned for many years of operation, and to relations we established locally and internationally in order to provide the full range of logistics services at affordable rates. We hire only modern cargo planes to bring from point to point any kind of cargo:

  • Valuable;
  • Urgent;
  • Fragile;
  • WIth special temperature requirements.

We are able to solve any task for air transportation. We carefully develop and implement every step of delivery process. Our rates are fixed at the time of shipment and remains unchanged till you cargo reach your desired destination. Our rates are open and clear without any hidden fees and charges. You pay upon your cargo delivered to the designated destination in Ukraine only.

Extra services Turboavia can offer

  • Buy-out of goods by your orders, search and verification of suppliers;
  • Samples and trial lots of products;
  • Delivery of your cargo to our own warehouse in Thailand;
  • Packing, storage, loading onboard at the airport;
  • Accompanying documents;
  • Door-to-door delivery.

We offer direct delivery routes from Thailand, as well as international freight with transshipment at transit airports in order to optimize freight cost.

Advantages to work with Turboavia

  • We guarantee your cargo delivered on time;
  • We do not uncover information about your purchases;
  • We undertake responsibility for safety of your cargo at all stages;
  • We provide online tracking service of your cargo in transit at all stages and in real time;
  • We help to establish business relations with Thai prospective partners;
  • We accept every customer as VIP one regardless of your order size, and welcome everyone.

Turboavia is known as a reliable and trustful partner for thousand professional customers and commercial beginners. Place your order with us and you will see that air delivery from Thailand can be as fast and cost-effective as possible. With Turboavia you can keep calm and make money.

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