The Turboavia company provides cargo delivery by air from China to Amazon.

More and more Ukrainian start developing their businesses to bring goods from China to Ukraine. There are many top-rated online commercial platforms in China like Aliexpress, Taobao, Tmall offering a huge selection of products at very attractive prices. The quality of Chinese products grows year by year, so you should avoid stereotypes about the legendary low Chinese quality. They offer discounts, promotions and sales all the time so it is really worth to buy things from the mentioned Chinese online platform.

Business with Amazon

In case you have already established a good business with Chinese suppliers and sell a lot of Chinese goods in Ukraine you can go further and expand your operations to follow new challenging opportunities and come to the next international trade level. One of the best options can be to sell Chinese products at the largest online commercial platform of Internet – Amazon. For over 15 years of operations that company has happened to attract many buyers from all over the world. Buyers appreciate:

  • A wide range of products available to buy;
  • Affordable prices for products of world brands;
  • Fast and reliable delivery;
  • Excellent service level.

The web site has become so popular in the United States that Americans look for things to buy there first of all, and if they don’t find what they need there they look at other online stores and manufacturers' websites. Amazon covers more than 30 categories of various products, the most popular of them are:

  • Clothes and shoes;
  • Various accessories – watches, belts, umbrellas, wallets;
  • Electronics;
  • Appliances;
  • Toys;
  • Household goods;
  • Sport equipment.

Making business with the Amazon platform eliminates boundaries between countries. You can geographically live in Ukraine, and still sell goods around the world, make a profit in a hard currency and avoid problems and issues difficulties with customs clearance and other formalities. There is a reliable and trustful partner you can rely on in this great challenge – Turboavia. We van arrange a right supply chain from China to Amazon for your commercial activities.

To get a calculation of the cost, just call or write to us. On the same day, you will receive an individual customer number and comprehensive consultation, taking into account all the wishes regarding optimal logistics.

Air delivery from China to the Amazon wharehouses

We can take care of all questions related to collecting goods at any place in China, arrange storage and packaging at our own warehouse in China, prepare all necessary accompanying documents, provide financial operations, customs clearance and transportation of goods to the Amazon warehouses. Our team is highly experienced in international logistics operations, our employees speak many languages and know right commercial schemes and right people and organizations to arrange commercial operations seamlessly t both sides of the Pacific ocean fast and for low rates.

The most time-effective way to transport goods from China to the United States is air delivery. We organize regular flights three times a week, so there is no delay in delivery, we ensure your goods will arrive within your desired time frame. Freights are transported directly from suppliers in China right to the Amazon FBA warehouses, and it helps you to save money. Air freight is an excellent option for delivering logistically complex groups of goods, valuable products, new trendy clothes, shoes and accessories, and electronics. We guarantee the highest level safety and security of your goods while in transit. You even can track your cargo online at any stage of your supply chain operations with us.

Additional services Turboavia offers:

  • Verification and purchase of your desired goods from suppliers;
  • Provision of samples and text lots;
  • Product packaging, photo and video reports;
  • Cargo insurance;
  • VAT refund to your suppliers;
  • Storage of your goods at our own warehouse in the United States.

The main advantage of partnering with Turboavia is that we offer the full range of logistics services worldwide. That is why logistics operations and delivery are organized fast, without delays, without bad situations and possible extra cost. Working with us is easy and convenient. You can build your business with a nice and reliable logistics partner, the Turboavia company. We provide international logistics services for many year successfully. We are open to help you to make business.

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