delivery from the South Korea

The Turboavia company provides a full cycle of goods delivery from South Korea to Ukraine in the most profitable ways.

Ordering Products from South Korea?

Republic of South Korea is one of the top twenty most developed economies in the world, although 50 years ago the country was a very poor Asian agrarian land. South Korea made a huge breakthrough since then. South Korea is now a leader in various fields like science, high technology, development and product manufacturing. The quality of products they can offer is of the highest level many developed countries like USA, Japan and Europe would be proud of while prices are 2-3 times lower even considering logistics expenses.

Purchasing products from this south pacific country is a very good option for any business to grow. Popular and commercially profitable groups of products are:

  • High-tech electronics;
  • Branded clothing and accessories;
  • High-quality cosmetics;
  • Jewelry;
  • Car parts;

The largest local online commercial stores like GMARKET and, offer a wide selection of products at really affordable prices. There are regular seasonal promotions, discounts and sales as well. Korean cosmetics are specifically popular among global consumers, it caused a real hype on the global market because of its effectiveness and low prices. It is really worth to make a business of selling the Korean cosmetics as these products can earn money, they are fashionable and appealing.

Cargo delivery from South Korea

The most important part of any successful commercial agreement is when commodity is delivered in time. Turboavia practices an individual approach to every customer. The choice of this or that solution is made considering all desires and and needs. Single and multi lot cargo freight can be arranged by:

  • By railways and combined solutions;
  • By sea freight;
  • By air.

The fastest, but at the same time, the most expensive solution is air freight. The most reliable solution is sea freight. We can help you to calculate the most beneficial option regarding time, price, customs costs and commodity to be delivered. We can arrange the best logistics scheme for you needs. When you orderi small commodity lots and minor wholesale, we can offer cargo consolidation and container transportation.

To get a calculation of the cost, just call or write to us. On the same day, you will receive an individual customer number and comprehensive consultation, taking into account all the wishes regarding optimal logistics.

Advantages to partner with Turboavia for cargo freight from South Korea

Turboavia is an expert in the field of international freight. For many years, our company help our customers to grow their businesses and successfully sell products from the United States and Asian countries. But we didn’t want to stop and expanded our operations to other countries and regions where our customers can buy more trending commercial products and arrange better logistics solutions. We can offer the following:

  • We can offer affordable and transparent rates without any hidden fees and charges;
  • We can guarantee your cargo to be delivered on time;
  • We can secure your cargo safety;
  • We can provide our customers with online tools to track their cargo during all logistics stages;
  • The most important, our services are simple yet comprehensive.

Additional services

The main advantage of partnering with Turboavia is the full service cycle. Our managers can help to arrange not only fast am reliable commodity from South Korea to Ukraine, but also the can:

  • Advise on products you need;
  • Search for proven suppliers;
  • Negotiate with your local commercial parties at all stages;
  • Buy out your orders on your behalf and provide sample lots;
  • Organize storage and packaging of your commodity at our warehouse;
  • Help with preparation of required accompanying documents;
  • Provide transportation to your desired destination within Ukraine.

If you wish to establish product procurement in South Korea, to expand your range of products and enjoy high-level service, welcome aboard and move forward with our other customers.

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