We provide customs brokerage and forwarding services in dockyards

Full range of turnkey services for cargo transportation and customs clearance

Customs clearance of cargoes
Boryspil, Kyiv, Lviv, Yahodyn, Mukachevo

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2500 UAH.

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2-5 product codes
3200 UAH.

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5-10 product codes
4500 UAH.

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10 or more product codes
5000 UAH.

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Customs clearance of vehicles
Киев, Одесса, Южный, Черноморск

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Our main task is to provide the client with a ready for registration, legally clean car as soon as possible.

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Georgia, Korea, Japan

Customs broker office in cargo Boryspil airport terminal:

Kiev oblast. Boryspil district, vill. Gora,
st. Boryspil 7, Business center, room 92

Additional customs services
Customs clearance of watercraft (boats, yachts)
9000 uan
Registration for the temporary watercraft import
Temporary import for watercraft prolongation

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The advantages of our company

Customs clearance is a time-consuming and costly process. This requires certain skills, erudition, excellent knowledge in the field of customs legislation, the specifics of its action. It is also necessary to understand the many details of the legislation.

The services of our company fully comply with the established regulations of Ukrainian legislation, including the Customs Code of Ukraine that was adopted in March 2012. Based on the new Customs Code, it is possible to organize well-coordinated cooperation for all parties involved in the customs process. This applies to a broker, declarant, as well as the customs.

The work of a customs officer comes at a price. It includes both representation of a client during the transportation of goods across the border, as well as a number of complex measures:

· transfer of information regarding the prepared package of documents necessary for free movement abroad to the client;
· determination of the cost of the customs clearance procedure for the transported cargo;
· filling out the declaration for the goods directly at the customs;
· passing different options for verification (phyto-, veterinary control, etc.) using a single point of contact;
· cargo classification in accordance with the commodity nomenclature of Ukraine - Ukrainian Commodity Coding System;
· data provision on cargo, goods, described in the customs declaration;
· transfer of the customs declaration, other necessary accompanying documents for the goods to the customs services;
· passing all kinds of customs control when turning on the Automatic Risk Analysis System (this applies to a customs value control, cargo separation, intellectual property, as well as customs inspection).

Customs brokerage services and their types

·  preparation and creation of any form of declaration;
·  the possibility to place and store cargo in a customs licensed warehouse;
·  preliminary declaration of goods;
·  cargo accreditation, the possibility of its re-accreditation;
· obtaining a certificate from customs in the event of sealing a vehicle;
· procedures for transit activities registration;
· registration of goods according to consignment agreements;
· customs registration of goods (imported and exported);
· obtaining certification for the transported goods;
· services for other actions (repackaging of goods, appropriate stickering or special labeling).

Having become our client, you will have the opportunity to receive a full consultation regarding the foreign economic sphere of companies' activities. Employees of our company can provide not only customs or brokerage services in Kyiv, but also supervise the foreign trade activities of your organization on a professional level. We have vast experience in this area with positive outcomes.

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