The Turboavia company provides a full cycle of delivery of goods and from Europe for affordable rates

The Turboavia logistics company continues to expand operations and develop better routes for international cargo transportation. We can offer various options for cargo transportation with many multimodal schemes. As an additional option for saving your logistics money we can offer a two-hop freight via Europe for your commercial cargo being shipped to Ukraine from abroad. We have our own warehouse in Poland for consolidation, storage and repacking of your cargo, and we can organize fast surface delivery through the European Union countries to any end-point destination in Ukraine.

The transit transportation via Europe is a cost-effective solution

This kind of service is especially a great solution for small commercial lots and general cargo. If your business is based on purchasing goods from many manufacturers in many countries (for example, in China, US or Korea), we can arrange air delivery from those locations to the Warsaw airport with further transportation to our warehouse in Poland for consolidation, and you can be confident your commercial cargo is safe and properly stored under our 24/7 video surveillance. Later we can arrange transportation of parts of your collected shipments all all of them to Ukraine to your desired single all multiple destinations. You do not need to freeze a part of your cash flow and use all of them to purchase more lots while saving on cargo freight and being more flexible financially. General collected cargo is more cost-effective with reasonable timeframes. And transit shipments via Europe can dramatically increase the speed of your supply chain and optimize your overall logistics expenses.

Of course, there are cases when direct delivery is really required. We can offer this type of delivery as well as we operate on the market successfully for many years. We can arrange the fastest cargo delivery for the lowest rates possible. As a logistics company we process many orders per day and can offer affordable rates to you.

To get a calculation of the cost, just call or write to us. On the same day, you will receive an individual customer number and comprehensive consultation, taking into account all the wishes regarding optimal logistics.

Advantages to partner with Turboavia

We are proud to offer our customers well-established logistics services. Logistics is our name and customers are our partners. We can provide customized services for all your needs and desires. First of all, we are keen to make money not from our customers but with our customers. Here are advantages of partnering with Turboavia:

  • Full range pf logistics services;
  • 15 years of experience and expertise;
  • Transparency, honesty and convenience of our business approach;
  • Constant development of new innovative logistics schemes and solutions;
  • Reliability and security.

Our company has an extensive experience in international commercial operations, so we understand needs and expectations of both starting up businesses and long-established ones. Partnering with an experienced and supportive partner can help you to build up your successful international commercial business, and this partner is us.

Additional services Turboavia can offer

We are experienced not only in delivering commercial cargo from one point of the globe to another, but we provide a full range of services, from consulting and assistance in selecting items for further sale in Ukraine to delivery of your purchased goods to your desired address in Ukraine.

Other options we can offer and arrange are:

  • Buy-out of items at the biggest online commercial platforms;
  • Finding and verification of prospective suppliers and negotiations on your behalf;
  • Financial operations of various kinds;
  • Preparation of all required accompanying and customs documents;
  • Cargo insurance;
  • Secured by transported goods crediting of your commercial cargo being delivered;
  • Collection of your cargo in the third countries and storage at our own warehouses;

Our company is keen to provide transparent and collaborative services. We offer fast feedback and every customer can track their cargo in transit online at any logistics stage using our web site. When you partner with Turboavia, you can be confident that your cargo will be delivered safe and secured within required timeframes and without any hidden fees and charges.

Build up your business globally with the most reliable and successful partner, the Turboavia logistics company.

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