The Turboavia company provides a full cycle of goods delivery from South Korea to Ukraine in the most profitable ways.

South Korea as an economy was lucky enough to establish and grow their economy and enter the club of World leading exporters. Many industries like shipbuilding, automotive industry, mechanical engineering, electronics and telecommunications, textile industry improved dramatically.

Korea is a a very interesting country for purchasing goods at affordable prices and their farther profitable sales in Ukraine. The most popular groups of goods are:

  • Car spare parts;
  • Industrial equipment;
  • High-tech electronics;
  • Cosmetic products;
  • Ceramic products.
  • Business with South Korea is of great interest to those businesses that already achieved success on the Chinese market and are interested to look for new options to make profit in cooperation with suppliers and manufacturers outside of Ukraine.


Local Korean manufacturers and suppliers are highly interested in new markets for their products in Europe including Ukraine. They are keen to develop their export business in South Korea. They have 19 airports and logistics is well-developed and offers cargo air delivery from South Korea on regular basis. It is an excellent option for delivering of high value products. It is also a good option in case you need as fast delivery as possible to Ukraine because air delivery is the fastest and most reliable way for cargo transportation, but it is generally not a cheap option. Turboavia can successfully deliver commercial cargo from many countries of the World, including many Asian regions. We have well-established schemes and many years of successful experience and can offer you:

  • Affordable delivery rates from South Korea;
  • Fastest delivery;
  • Guarantees of safety and highest level of security in transit;
  • Operation control at all stages;
  • Additional and custom services.

To get a calculation of the cost, just call or write to us. On the same day, you will receive an individual customer number and comprehensive consultation, taking into account all the wishes regarding optimal logistics.

Additional Services Turboavia offers in South Korea

Cargo air delivery from South Korea is a key business for our company in all logistics services we provide in that country. We can offer a full range of logistics services and guarantee that our customers will receive their parcels and cargo in time and fully safe. We also offer:

  • Assistance for commercial product selection;
  • Buy-out service of products from trading platforms;
  • Negotiations with suppliers at all stages;
  • Arrangement of samples and trial lots delivery;
  • Collection of goods purchased, consolidation of cargo and storage at our own warehouse in South Korea till the shipment;
  • Careful packaging and video surveillance on site;
  • Preparations of all necessary freight and customs documents;
  • Forwarding of logistically complex groups of products;
  • Delivery to any destinations within Ukraine;

Advantages to work with Turboavia

Our company offers the full range of services to both single parcel and wholesale customers. Partnership with Turboavia saves you time and efforts when purchasing and delivering products from South Korea. Thus you get a chance to focus on their sales for good profits. Every customer can track their parcels and cargo online at all logistics stages using our website. Our key objective is to be as transparent, honest and reliable with our customers as possible and to provide the highest level of service. Payment for our services are made upon delivery of your parcels or cargo to your assigned destination without hidden fees and charges. With services provided by Turboavia you can be sure you will receive your orders safe and in time. We believe that after your first order you will remain with us for long time and make great and profitable trade business. We work for you satisfaction. Make you business with our assistance, you can always rely on us!

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