The company "Turboavia" provides cargo delivery by air from China to Europe.

Air delivery from China to Europe is a very popular logistics service on the world market. Transportation of general and consolidated cargo and parcels by air is the fastest and most reliable option of postal cargo delivery. The main advantage of the air option is speed because you may need to deliver your cargo as fast as possible to secure fast sale of your merchandise.

Turboavia operates on the global logistics market for many years, and air freight Asian locations is one of our main business activities. Many years of experience and well-established relations throughout the World helps us to develop better solutions for our customers in terms of transportation time and cost.

The most popular European destinations for delivery from China besides Ukraine are:

  • Great Britain;
  • France;
  • Germany;
  • Spain;
  • Italy.

We pay special attention to the safety of cargo transportation process, and to the compliance with required delivery time. By partnering with us every customer can be confident for their cargo and get the highest level of services available, we value our reputation as a logistics service provider. Our team members promptly communicate with customers about any questions and problems that may appear, and customers can track their cargo and parcels by tracking numbers online though our special web interface. Turboavia prefers simple and open contractual relationships, that is why we offer to make preliminary calculations and complete ordered delivery operations without extra fees and charges.

You better choose air delivery in case of shipping valuable, fragile or perishable products.

Key logistic groups of products for transportation from China to Europe are:

  • Electronics;
  • Original products and popular brands;
  • Textiles;
  • Toys;
  • Stainless steel products;
  • Car accessories.

To get a calculation of the cost, just call or write to us. On the same day, you will receive an individual customer number and comprehensive consultation, taking into account all the wishes regarding optimal logistics.

We offer the full range of logistics services including high quality and reliable air transportation, and also a range of additional services for our customers like:

  • Assistance in merchandise selection and buy-out services from the largest online stores;
  • Verification of suppliers and manufacturers, and commercial negotiations at any and all stages;
  • Cargo pickup and transportation to our own warehouse in China;
  • Careful storage and packaging;
  • Preparation of required accompanying documents;
  • Cargo insurance;
  • Customs clearance.

Contact us by phone, email or through our web site. partner with us and expand your business beyond new frontiers, Truboavia is at your service, we will competently organize your entire supply chain with delivery to any destination on the globe.

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