Railway Delivery from China to Europe

Railway cargo transport from China to Europe is a popular type of commercial freight. This type of cargo transportation is an ideal solution in terms of time and cost balance with optimal rates and relatively fast delivery time. Many Ukrainian businesses who has been operating on the Chinese-Ukrainian market recently used to arrange air or sea freight for consolidated cargo decided to involve this new type of surface cargo transportation after some smart calculations.

The main advantages of using railway freight are following:

  • The optimal cost/time of this freight option;
  • Options to deliver oversized products and dangerous goods;
  • No need to rely on good weather conditions;
  • High security and safety for your cargo;
  • Options to deliver your cargo in consolidated deliveries or as a holistic cargo;

Recently, railway transportation has dramatically improved because of high demands grown in Europe regarding cargo deliveries from China. Products from China’s origin now attract consumers by affordable prices and greatly improved quality, as well as China now offers wider range of goods of interest to Europeans. The Asian region provides tremendous opportunities for establishing and developing commercial business to buy from goods China with farther sale in other countries of the World. In these circumstances the railway freight option of international transportation is highly efficient channel to grow economical relationships with Europe.

The railway freight option is good for:

  • individual orders;
  • Small and medium sized businesses;
  • Online stores;
  • Retail networks;
  • Startup businesses interested to establish a commercial business with China.

The most popular and optimal product groups for railway delivery from China to Europe are electronics, spare parts, furniture, various consumables, household products, other consumer goods. This freight option is beneficial to those businesses who practice intensive merchandise turnover. Competently developed logistic schemes and cost optimization can save a lot of money spent on cargo delivery. If you wish to develop your trade relations beyond the Ukrainian borders and expand your operations globally, in particular for delivering your orders from China to Europe, it is a good tip to recommend you to partner with a reliable, trustful and client-oriented logistics company Turboavia.

We can offer the full range of logistics services including the following services:

  • Search for suppliers and manufacturers;
  • Order goods and pay for them;
  • Transportation within China;
  • Storage and packaging at our own warehouse;
  • Delivery of sample and testing lots of goods;
  • Financial operations with your local partners and suppliers;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Transportation within the European countries.

Our key priority when building commercial relations with our customers is simple yet reliable and convenient logistics services provided, we can undertake all necessary paper and formal jobs for you and save you a lot of time and money.

Our company and team operate on the logistics market for many years, our experience and skills can help you to arrange and solve any complex and difficult-to-realize logistic projects. Join us, partner with us and you will be a part of our happy customers’ family.

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