International Cargo Delivery

International cargo delivery is a unique opportunity to unite the whole world into a single trading system. To help bringing it to the reality a range of air, sea, rail transportation options are at your service.

International delivery to Ukraine counts on high quality and professional planning securing many nuances like time delivery, weight and commodity category.

International cargo delivery requires a deep knowledge of logistics laws applicable in countries of transit and all differences they have for cargo delivery operations by surface, sea or air.

The Truboavia services offer our customers the following:

  • Optimally arranged international cargo delivery;
  • Full safety of your cargo during the process of transportation;
  • Simplification of all customs clearance procedures and assistance with documents preparation;
  • Export and import operations optimization;
  • We provide a full range of international cargo delivery services to Ukraine using the most cost-effective options available on the market. The key business of our company is to organize, arrange and control cargo delivery from China and USA to Ukraine by air, sea or railways.

We can offer you to deliver your cargo as soon and cost-effective as possible.

Express air delivery.

Air delivery of parcels and commodity is the fastest way to receive your cargo in Ukraine. We offer air delivery twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It usually takes 5 to 7 working days to complete your delivery order.

Standard air delivery.

We offer this option every week on Wednesday. It usually takes 10 to 12 working days to complete your delivery order to Ukraine. It takes a little longer but saves on cost, delivery rate is lower per kilogram. Air freight can help to replenish your stock balances quickly, to secure fast cash turnover and save your money keeping your stock fresh and new and avoiding local currency instability. Air delivery is the top choice to bring product samples for testing and market evaluation. Because even electronics change quickly it is worth to have new models on the market all the way.

All the same happen to fashionable products as they used to loose their profitability as new trends appear or the market becomes overstocked.

Air freight prices are calculated per kilogram. So you pay only for the number of kilograms, e.g. pure weight, being delivered. It is important to understand and take into account the concept of so-called volumetric weight. It is based on specific gravity of your cargo. This parameter for air freight is 167kg/m3 (according to international standards). Cargo meeting this parameter value is calculated by its actual weight. If this parameter of you cargo is less than 167kg/m3, then the freight cost will be calculated by volumetric weight and freight rates will be a little higher.

To get a calculation of the cost, just call or write to us. On the same day, you will receive an individual customer number and comprehensive consultation, taking into account all the wishes regarding optimal logistics.

Railway delivery

Delivery of your cargo by rail or sea can help to save on delivery cost. We can offer both complex LCL cargo or integral cargo delivery. Shipment of your commodity with delivery to Ukraine is offered weekly on Fridays. Delivery time is 40 days.

One of the key advantages of railway freight is the most optimal cost/delivery time ratio. This option can be used to deliver cargo of any size and metrics and without weather concerns. International railway freight to Ukraine has dramatically been improved during last few years.

Reasons our customer prefer to order international railway freight to Ukraine are the following:

  • High safety of the railway freight, your cargo is delivered safe and undamaged;
  • Best delivery rates in comparison to other freight options;
  • Options for general (assorted) container cargo transportation;
  • Heavy freight options;

Sea freight (Container sea freight, 50 to 55 days)

It is the slowest but the most inexpensive option for cargo freight. Regular shipping once a week. We can ship containers of any sizes (20, 40, 40 High Cube, 45 High Cube).

In a case when you as our customer do not have enough commodity to arrange a shipping order for an entire container, we can organize it as a part of our general shipping container. We prepare and arrange a shipment of the kind thanking to our consolidation warehouses close the nearest shipping ports. You will not have any problems with placing your shipping order, accompanying shipping and customs documents and shipping services, because at every stage of the process your cargo is monitored by our highly experienced employees who are professional in the logistics services. Our specialists collect information and related cargo orders from various customers for delivering to various destination ports in Ukraine, then they combine the orders into a single container, load it onto a ship vessel for further transportation. Your cargo is carefully packed and and labeled. After that our specialists help you with all formalities with freight documents and arrange customs clearance at port in Ukraine.

If you wish our specialist can offer to carry out all the necessary procedures for collecting your commodity from one or many suppliers, delivering it to our consolidation warehouse for further packaging, loading onto a ship and transportation to the point of destination. We have a well-established operational scheme and good relations, thus we can ensure your cargo will be delivered in time within the mentioned 50 days. You can pay for our services before you collect your cargo from us at the point of destination after customs clearance.

We can ship a wide range of commodity and equipment, including oversized ones. You will have no problems with ordering your shipment, accompanying documents and transportation as our logisticsa specialist are highly experienced in the field of sea freight operations.

Мы перевозим различные группы товаров и оборудования, в том числе и негабаритные. Никаких проблем с оформлением своего заказа, сопроводительных документов к нему и перевозкой у вас не возникнет, так как на каждом этапе груз будут отслеживать наши сотрудники, имеющие опыт работы в сфере оказания подобных услуг.

why us

Why it is worth to order with us?

Turboavia can offer you only the best rates. Working with us is easy, fast and reliable. We are keen to provide the best services and we are ready to deliver your cargo to any destination in Ukraine. International cargo freight with Turboavia is the right choice for you and your business.

Decency is our motto and way of making business.

We feel responsibility for our work and strive to provide the highest level of service.

Price is what makes us unbeatable.

We offer a full logistics cycle from China and can offer the best rates on the market.

Speed is our key advantage.

Due to large volumes of cargo we work with all the time, we can arrange international freight to Ukraine on regular basis and secure delivery on time.

We strive to earn money not on the client, but together with the client. We do not stop at the achieved results, introduce new ideas and find successful solutions. Grow your international business with a trusted and trusted partner - Turboavia.

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