The company "Turboavia" provides a full cycle of delivery of goods from Korea to Ukraine in the most profitable ways.

South Korea can offer a vast range of high quality products popular throughout the World. Many businesses know all the advantages and benefits they can have when purchasing products in that south Asian country. Excellent quality and affordable prices of the South Korean products or of real interest to the Ukrainian market. For example, Ukrainian consumers can appreciate the following products:

  • Inexpensive high quality consumer electronics;
  • Car spare parts;
  • Technological equipment;
  • Branded clothes, shoes and accessories;
  • Korean cosmetics so popular in the World.

However, many importers are not that easy to establish a business with South Korea because of many problems they see in required paperwork, cargo insurance, customs clearance. But relying on an experienced and trustful logistics partner, you can avoid all those fears and concerns. Cargo delivery from South Korea is one of the key activities of Turboavia, the leading logistics provider and shipper from South Korea. Years of successful experience in logistics secure the best solutions and options for shipping cargo for both wholesale and individual customers.

Sea Freight

Sea shipping from South Korea to Ukraine is popular and highly demanded service. This type of cargo delivery helps to save money providing reliable and efficient cargo transportation. Rates offered for delivery by sea are the lowest on the logistics market in the World. Sea shipment from South Korea using general freight containers is ideal for any type of cargo, especially heavy by weight and relatively cheap products. It takes more time than, for instance, air delivery, but rates are really low and affordable. Sea shipment is very popular these days for bringing overseas luxury cars.

The scheme and principles, and advantages of sea shipping

Shipping from South Korea is usually arranged from the ports of Pusan and Incheon (if necessary, other ports of the country can also be used). Cargo containers are unloaded in Ilyichevsk and Odessa. Collection of general and complex cargo is provided here at the ports of South Korea, along with shipping carriers and optimal routes selection, and required documents preparation with issuing customs clearance. Cargo containers are placed onboard of the hired ship. One of the big advantages of sea shipping from South Korea is a very simple customs control procedure and stable and low taxation in the country.

To get a calculation of the cost, just call or write to us. On the same day, you will receive an individual customer number and comprehensive consultation, taking into account all the wishes regarding optimal logistics.

Sea shipping from South Korea to Ukraine – additional services provided by Turboavia

  • We can help you to find reliable manufacturers or suppliers for purchasing products and establish long-term relationships;
  • We can help with verifying of products quality and with buying-out your desired products at the largest online sites;
  • We offer pick up and inland transportation services locally in South Korea;
  • We provide collection, packaging and storage services at our local warehouse;
  • We can arrange delivery of oversized and logistically complex cargo;
  • We provide assistance in cargo insurance;
  • We arrange and control delivery to any destination in Ukraine.

Why Turboavia?

  • Low affordable rates can prove that sea shipping from Korea is the most cost-effective option on the market even for relatively small commodity shipments;
  • We can guarantee terms of delivery we offer, careful storage and safety of your cargo while in transit;
  • We offer simple, transparent, reliable and trustful solutions to our customers. Our payments are without hidden fees and charges;
  • Our main advantage is that we offer the full range of services to our customers for arranging, ordering, delivering and controlling logistics operations for our customers at all stages.

If you wish to establish long-term successful commodity business with South Korea, to purchase high quality products from South Korean manufacturers and deliver them to Ukraine safe, secure and in time, do not hesitate to contact us via your desired communication channel.

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