The company "Turboavia" provides cargo delivery services both copts and retail

Are you looking for a reliable and experienced partner establish a commercial business of buying and selling goods and their transportation to your desired destinations? Are you tired of total incompetence of many logistics companies and delivery disruptions, financial losses, bad rates? Are you interested in global expanding of your commercial activities? Are you keen to build your own business and establish commercial relations with other countries, but afraid of possible and unpredicted risks? There is a solution, there is a company that can meet or you needs, the company is Turboavia. Turboavia can help you to realize your commercial plans and be your reliable and trustful partner on this trip of yours. Turboavia is your best logistics partner with many years of logistics experience and international freight. Enjoy the highest service level with the Turboavia logistics company!

Advantages to partner with Turboavia

  • We have many years of experience in establishing and organizing of international business and commercial operations, so we understand needs of our customers and know how to make successful deals;
  • We speak many languages and have representative agents in many countries, so our business approach is highly professional;
  • Over a thousand of customers already benefited by partnering with us. Our approach with customers is simple and transparent business relations; we can find and offer solutions even in case of non-standard and unpredictable situations. We are proud of our abilities to establish mutually beneficial cooperation with any customer and supplier, so both prefer to partner with us again and again;
  • We are an experienced team of professionals with over 15 years of operations on the global logistics market, that is why we have built up a successful international business, that is why we know how to establish new commercial relations and arrange optimal logistics schemes;
  • We are reliable and trustful. We follow agreed terms and conditions when delivering your cargo and keep your cargo secure and safe in warehouses and transit;
  • We can offer low rates and fast delivery. We process many orders and shipments regularly, thus we can offer optimal rates, terms and conditions for your cargo freight. We do not make money from our customers, we make money with our customers;
  • Delivery of any type of cargo (including delivery of logistically uneasy products like various liquids, batteries, etc);
  • We expand our operations all the time. We are an innovative company and make whatever we can to simplify and scale our business solutions;
  • Every customer is unique and everyone can have special and non-standard needs. And we cooperate right way with every customer despite of order size and cargo to be delivered, both standard and non-standard;
  • We can offer full point-to-point services and it is our key advantage, as you do not need to look for many partners for various types of logistic operations. For startup businesses we can offer a range of services to establish a profitable commercial business from the scratch.

To get a calculation of the cost, just call or write to us. On the same day, you will receive an individual customer number and comprehensive consultation, taking into account all the wishes regarding optimal logistics.

Trade Relations with China

We can offer the following types of commercial freight arrangements from China:

Air delivery from China

It is the fastest option to transport commercial lots. One can choose the super fast express delivery or standard air freight. We arrange regular cargo shipment by air at least 3 times a week. We undertake all organizational tasks at airports of your cargo departure. Fast delivery is especially important for products of fast growing demand, valuables, fragile and perishable products, trial lots and samples of products for marketing testing.

- We are also actively extending our operations to meet rapidly growing demands for air delivery from Hong Kong. It is also worth to admit the minimal taxation for products in that city, that is good for business.

- We can arrange delivery of consolidated cargo not only to Ukraine but also to many other European countries line the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy.

- We can arrange reliable intercontinental cargo transportation from China to the United States and accept the cargo at our own warehouse in the US. It is a very popular and demanded logistics service to bring new electronic products and branded products. The most popular service is the delivery from China to warehouses of the largest trading platform in the US Amazon (the FBA warehouses).

Railway delivery from ChinaDelivery by rail from China

We can arrange transportation of both consolidated or holistic cargoes of any sizes and dimensions within 40 days. The railway option of delivery from China is very popular because of the optimal price/quality ratio, it also does not depend on weather conditions. While demand for products from China grows constantly freight options also changed and improved in recent years.

- We can organize a reliable and qualified transportation of your merchandise from China to Europe via railway transport and help to improve your commercial results in selling your merchandise in both Ukraine and elsewhere.

Sea freight from China

The sea freight from China is an excellent solution for seasonal goods and minor wholesale lots. We can organize timeous intercontinental huge volume transportation by sea. You can order your commercial product on regular base and be confident while granting all the required paperwork to your reliable and trustful logistics partner.

- We work out optimal shipping routes from China to Europe, and help you this way to establish strong trade relations and successful cooperation with your manufacturers and suppliers. We can bring your cargo from any port to your desired destination;

- Sea freight from China to the US is of special interest to our customers who buy from China and sell through the American largest commercial online platforms. Global locations and well-developed ports of both countries can guarantee this freight option to be as efficient as possible;

We are not only able to arrange logistics services for you needs but also offer you the following value services:

ssistance in establishing business with China

We can help you to find reliable suppliers and select quality products, conduct negotiations, make payments on your behalf to local bank accounts, we can provide photo reports if required, repackage your orders and deliver your cargo as fast as possible. We can help you to arrange direct supplies and make good profit while doing business with China;

We can provide your with an actual mailing address in China for intensive purchases.

We can work not only with private businesses here, but also with individuals. You can make orders for good prices at Aliexpress, the largest local online commercial platform, Taobao, Tmall, etc., and send your orders right to our warehouse in China.

To get a calculation of the cost, just call or write to us. On the same day, you will receive an individual customer number and comprehensive consultation, taking into account all the wishes regarding optimal logistics.

Assistance in establishing business with the US

For organization of goods delivery from the United States we can offer the following services:

Air delivery from the US

This type of transportation can help you to save time an make the best from selling merchandise on that highly competitive market. It is a great option for both small parcels and large commercial lots. We can guarantee that your cargo will depart without delays and you pay highly affordable rates for this relatively expensive transportation type.

Sea delivery from the US

The sea delivery option can help you to significantly save on shipping costs. And we can guarantee the safety of your cargo at all logistic stages. This type of delivery is ideal for scheduled procurements and transportation of minor lots of various groups of goods.

We can also offer the following related services:

Buy out and delivery of your purchased items from the Amazon and eBay online commercial platforms

Those are the largest online shopping platforms in the United States and offer great opportunities for Ukrainian buyers and businesses. The main advantages of ordering items from those sites are reasonable prices and quality assurance, as well as rare chances to purchase unique and collectible items. We can arrange all necessary financial transactions for ordered items and provide easy and fast delivery.

We can provide a warehouse for your needs in the United States for intensive and high volume purchases of yours.

During seasonal sales it is a great chance to purchase expensive branded and high-quality products for a small fraction of their prices. You can register at our website and send your wonderful purchases to our warehouse in the US, and be your new valuables will be delivered fast and safe. All balance payments are made in Ukraine upon delivery.

Assistance in establishing business with South Korea

It is really worth to order products from that Asian country, South Korea is a very interesting and promising commercial destination to make business with. Korean cosmetic products and high-tech electronics areof high demand everywhere in the World. We can offer any affordable and reliable delivery services from that part of the Globe.

Air delivery from South Korea

It is an excellent delivery option in case of urgent needs. We organize regular air freight departures to ensure timeous delivery.

Sea delivery from South Korea

The see delivery option is the most inexpensive one available on the market. And we arrange weekly shipments of containers of any size.

To get a calculation of the cost, just call or write to us. On the same day, you will receive an individual customer number and comprehensive consultation, taking into account all the wishes regarding optimal logistics.

Assistance in establishing business with Thailand

The Kingdom of Thailand is a very interesting partner for many businesses in our country. It is really worth to purchase jewelry, computer equipment, leather goods and boxing equipment in Thailand. We can offer the following logistics services to our customers:

Air delivery from Thailand

The air delivery option provides an opportunity to expand your range of merchandise quickly, secure fast cash flow turnover and save money keeping your assortment always fresh and trendy while being as independent as possible in terms of currency exchange rates. We can arrange air freights from any airport in Thailand.

Sea delivery from Thailand

Oceanic transportation provides the highest level of cargo safety. A large volume of orders helps us to ship weekly. We can organize successful sea transportation despite of long distances between our countries.

Assistance in establishing business with Europe

Truck delivery from the European Union countries

All freight arrangements are completed with a minimum paper documentations required to prepare. The truck delivery is beneficial to businesses with intensive goods and cash flows. This type of transportation is suitable for the following types of commercial products: furniture, cars, various equipment, household goods. We can organize a truck freight within a few days and we can collect yur cargo eventually from any country of the European Union.

Additional services we offer

We offer the full range of logistics services and help you to save money while undertaking the following tasks:

  • Search and verification of goods, trial lots and samples delivery;
  • Search and verification of suppliers, negotiations at all stages;
  • Financial operations, including VAT refund to your suppliers;
  • Cargo collection from other countries;
  • Storage at our own warehouses, labeling, packaging, 24/7 video monitoring;
  • Cargo insurance;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Delivery within Ukraine to your desired destination.

As out customer you can track your cargo at any logistic stage through our web site. We can offer our customers a unique service to provide collateral loans during cargo transportation. Installments are available on daily basis by day, no hidden fees and charges. You can freely use your working capital this way and and reinsure yourself from unwanted force majeure situations while your cargo being in transit. Do not miss your chance with new opportunities and build up your business with complex approach.

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