We can refund VAT to your suppliers in China We offer interesting, profitable and innovative solutions for you to benefit while making business with China. Why business with China is so popular and profitable? China is one of the most popular destinations for Ukrainian businesses to establish commercial projects. The country is popular among both start-ups and well-established companies. Ukrainian businesses are interested in low prices and a huge range of products the market offers, and the products demonstrate unbelievable improvement of quality in recent years. High competition on the market demands to be logistically fast and supply goods within tight time frames whenever possible. The Turboavia company offers fast air delivery to help our customers to be fast for both supplies and cash flow turnover while making big profit for selling popular merchandise in right time. About VAT refund Our complex business service set to run your business with China and delivery goods from China to Ukraine, we offer a range of interesting and profitable solutions. For instance, VAT refund to your suppliers. Whenever our customers desire we can undertake tasks to search for commercial partners in China, checking and buyout of goods and running negotiations at any and all stages, we also offer document preparations to ship your cargo right way. VAT refund is a common practice to help exporting businesses to run their operations profitably and work efficiently. We can prepare documents in compliance with all rules and regulations and we operate using strictly only legal methods and help our customers at any stage of their business process. For Chinese companies the generally accepted time for VAT refund is 3 to 6 month period from the date of initial export. Big companies with big turnovers receive their refund money within a month. The VAT rate in China is 17% for industrial group of goods and 10% for agricultural products. We help those who is just going to establish a business with China from scratch: we can recommend a right commercial model, provide samples of products, arrange direct deliveries from manufacturers, collect and prepare your cargo and provide a storage, repacking, and delivery to any end point in Ukraine. Turboavia operates on the international logistics market for over 10 years. We understand that receiving orders in time is very important for businesses, as well as safety and correctly prepared accopmanying documents. Our main advantage to count on is our simple, transparent and clear model of contractual relationships. Every customers of our is our key one and we do our best to meet all requirements and satisfy all expectations including non-standard projects and complicated logistics. Partnering with us helps every customer to get the highest level of services and saves money and, that is more important, time. 4800 Satisfied Customers 3 Warehouses in China 180,000 deliveries 15 years on the market More value added services we offer Search for reliable manufacturers or suppliers for purchasing goods or establishing long-term relationships Verifyin the quality of goods,buyout from the largest commercial Internet sites Collection and inland transportation of your goods within China Pickup, packing and storage of your cargo in China Pick, pack and store in stock Delivery of oversized and logistically complicated cargo Preparation of all required transportation and customs documents, cargo insurance assistance Delivery anywhere in Ukraine Provision of samples and trial lots of goods
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