Электроника и бытовая техника

Main Exhibits: Rechargable electric screwdriver, Adj wrench, Bread Maker, Juice extractors, LED torch, USB line, Cable, Men's shirt, Women's skirt, children's jacket, Read made curtain, Down quilt, Football and rugby , Gridiron, Soft slippers, Running sh

Main Exhibits: Food processor, Meat grinder, Juice extractors, Other Kitchen Household Appliances, Wires, Coaxial cable, Other electrical and electronic products, Capacitor, Integrated circuit, Electromagnetic wire

Main Exhibits: Other personal care tools, Spray, Meat grinder, Meat Grinder Parts, Other household electric appliance, Rainsuit, Sewing kit, Key box, Other daily goods, Others family use house arts, Microfiber wipe cloth, Heat pad, Polyester microfibre q

Main Exhibits: Rechargeable fan, Rechargeable fan, Camping Light, Lamp, Portable light, LED Headlamp, LED bulb

Main Exhibits: Ice shaving machine, Ice Crusher, Other Consumer Electronics and Information Products, Porcelain gift, Ceramic Flower pot, Indoor pot, Color glazed flower pot , Others family use house arts, Other marketing gifts and premiums

Main Exhibits: Impact driver, Screwdrivers, Hand tools combination, Power tool, Screwdriver, Cable protection socket, Bathroom mat, Folding table&chair, Self inflatable cushion, Sleeping bag, children injection shoes, Containers of other materials, Daily

Main Exhibits: Intelligent electric meal bao, Other bathroom hardware

Main Exhibits: Auto lamps, Induction cooker

Main Exhibits: Other General machinery

Main Exhibits: Cock for bathroom, Synthetic aluminium plate, aluminium composite panel, aluminium-plastic panel, Color tray, Other household electric appliance, children's canvas shoes, Others family use house arts

Main Exhibits: Water purifier, Water dispenser, Water Filters

Main Exhibits: Sighting device and accessories

Main Exhibits: Elec.hair clipper, Shower mixer, Insoles and shoe-pads, Glass tumblers, Comb, Frypan, Embroidered products, Rocker Arm, Other Construction and Agriculture Machinery(Indoor Area), Electric hammer

Main Exhibits: Crank and Connecting Rod Mechanism , Engine cylinder, Other Automotive Body Parts, Dial indicators, Pound drills, Other General Machinery, Small Processing Machinery and Industrial Accessories

Main Exhibits: Wires, Cables, Electric porcelain, Other electrician's outfits

Main Exhibits: Electric chain hoist, G80 lifting chains, Chain slings, Rigging hardware, Engine hoist, Electric winch, Pulley block, Hand forklift truck, Block, Magnetic Disc, Crane Accessories, Jack, Hydraulic lift, Stainless steel wire rope, Hand winc

Main Exhibits: Household voltage stabilizer, Ac. automatic voltage regulators/stabilizers

Main Exhibits: PTC warmer, Air-cooler, Ceramic heater and cooler

Main Exhibits: Dry battery, Lithium battery

Main Exhibits: LCD TV, LCD Monitor, Touch screen monitor, Notebook computer, LED Display, Smart TV, All in one PC TV

Main Exhibits: Other textile articles for kitchen

Main Exhibits: Cordless electric kettle, Air purifiers, Ice cube maker, Wine cooler, Thermoelectric wine cooler, Cold spray fan, Ice cube maker

Main Exhibits: Refrigerators, Refrigerator, Washing machines

Main Exhibits: Bread Maker, Electric irons

Main Exhibits: Sandwish maker, Waffle maker, Pizza pan

Main Exhibits: Electric Patio heater, Kerosene heater, PTC warmer

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