Электроника и бытовая техника

Main Exhibits: Dry battery, Other Garden decoration products, Vogue series

Main Exhibits: Digital multimeter, Other measuring instruments, Other Consumer Electronics and Information Products, Other lighting equipment, Other Tableware, Other daily ceramics

Main Exhibits: Bathroom chest, Cloth caps

Main Exhibits: Air purifier

Main Exhibits: Stove parts, Aluminium non stick cookware, Handbag, Evening bag, Water nozzle, Electric Frying Pan, Recycling plastic bag

Main Exhibits: Other Consumer Electronics and Information Products, Toner cartridge, Tone cartridges / cartridge cores, Tone cartridges / carbon powder cartridges / powder compact

Main Exhibits: Luggage case

Main Exhibits: Cabinet support, Bolt, Hinge, Door stopper, Door and window handle, Hinge, Door touch, Lock Body, Bronze lock, key Cylinder, Padlock, Copper value Lock, Other hardware products, Garden trowel, Safety deposit box, Hammer, Adj wrench, Plier,

Main Exhibits: Electric shavers, Epilator device, Shaver, Hair curler, Facial depilatory device, Hair drier, Cosmetic products for women, Foot massage basin, Elec.hair clipper, Other small household appliances, Hair curler, BBQ Fan, Baby care product, Na

Main Exhibits: Washing machines

Main Exhibits: Motor brush, Other small household appliances, Other Consumer Electronics and Information Products, Lamp, Basin faucet, Other office devices, Men's sports shoes, Garbage can, Resin natural crafts

Main Exhibits: Massage equipment, Massage-purpose health product

Main Exhibits: Other fire service supplies, Aseptic carton filling machine, Filling machine, Food and beverage processing machinery, Dairy processing line, Beer and beverage processing line

Main Exhibits: Water boiler

Main Exhibits: Digital multimeter, Wattmeter, High-voltage megameter, Maximum Demand Ammeters

Main Exhibits: Cables, Wires

Main Exhibits: Door and window handle, Hand tools combination, Flowerpot, Household PP shopping bag, Other home decoration products, Bathroom scale, Door frames, Christmas items, Western dinner set, Sand shovel, Towel bar

Main Exhibits: Other General Machinery, Small Processing Machinery and Industrial Accessories, Stepping motor, DC motor, Scented candle, Solar inverter, Toaster, Bush Cutter (Grass Cutter)

Main Exhibits: Refrigerators, Refrigerator, Freezer, Mini-bar, Chest Freezer, Juice dispenser, Chest freezer, Double door chest freezer, 4-door refrigerator, Side-by-side Ref, Flat Door Chest Showcase, Upright cooling and freezing regrigerator , Single-T

Main Exhibits: Electric frying pan, Toast oven, Outdoor BBQ, Pizza pan

Main Exhibits: LED panel light, LED bulb, Other toys, Cookware set, Backpack, Fans, Knitting cushion, Other marketing gifts and premiums, Vacuum plastic bag/space bag, Other household solar appliances, Adj wrench

Main Exhibits: Bush Cutter (Grass Cutter), Hedge trimmer, Garden Blower and Vacuum Cleaner, Lawn mower, Chain saw

Main Exhibits: chess, Math sets, Writing instruments, Pedometer, Chess, Chess game, Wall clock, Led timer, Stopwatch, Stopwatch, Baby hooded blanket, LED spot light, Desk set, Other Electric Power

Main Exhibits: Other household electric appliance, Bolts, Deep fryer, Countertop lavatory, Men's shirt, Other inorganic chemicals, Other horticultural supplies, Others family use house arts, Other personal care tools, Other tableware products

Main Exhibits: LCD TV, LED Flexible strip lights, Sketch pad, Notebooks, Drawing pad, Candleholder, Christmas trees

Main Exhibits: Other marketing gifts and premiums, Other Motorcycles, Reflector film, Cosmetic products for women, Triode, Book Lights, Basin faucet, Other indoor sport articles , Other household items, Stock pot, Basins

Main Exhibits: DC stabilized power supply, Power switch, DC power supply, Plug, Wires, DC stabilizer, Ac. automatic voltage regulators/stabilizers, Rectifiers, Switch, Plug, Transistor, Cable ties

Main Exhibits: folding bike, Bike rack

Main Exhibits: Small breaker ( low-voltage apparatus), Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker, Switch disconnector/Circuit breaker, Other electronic materials and accessories, Overcurrent relay, Industrial socket, Wires, Coaxial cable, Switch, Plug, Cable tray

Main Exhibits: Dry battery, Other Power products, Lithium battery

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