Бытовая электроника и информационные продукты

Main Exhibits: Power bank, Safety shoes, Safety helmet, Welding mask, Egg cooker, Refrigerators, Air purifier, Rechargeable fan, Water purifier, PC Case, LCD TV, Man suit jacket and trousers, Ladie's coat, Kid's snowboots, Snow boots, Rubber boots, Rain

Main Exhibits: Other hardware products, Gazebo, Sun protective cloth, Awning, Other shade products, Safety net, Anti-bird net, Other horticultural supplies

Main Exhibits: Cable and wire, Network cable, Lan Cable, Indoor optical fiber cable, Multi-core telecom cable, 50 ohms coaxial cable, LAN cable, Data exchange cable, Fiber optic patch cord, Communication cable braiding, High-definition digital indoor/ou

Main Exhibits: Sensor dustbin

Main Exhibits: Remote control unit

Main Exhibits: Other Consumer Electronics and Information Products, Juice extractors, Faucet

Main Exhibits: Satellite TV receiver, LCD TV

Main Exhibits: Other lighting devices, Outdoor wall lamp, Solar street light, Road illumination fittings, Garden light, Solar light, Wall washer, Lamp for plant growing, Solar lamp, UV light, Other computer & communication products, Other Consumer Electr

Main Exhibits: grinder, Wireless headphone, Set of office

Main Exhibits: Sweater cardigan, Viscose/cotton fabric, Communications Equipment, Fashion & Casual Cap

Main Exhibits: Other Consumer Electronics and Information Products

Main Exhibits: Mobile accessories, Cleaning Robot

Main Exhibits: Dry battery, Remote control unit, Electric pump, LED bulb

Main Exhibits: Touch Screen POS Terminal, Barvalue scanners, POS printer, Juice extractors, Auto air fryer

Main Exhibits: Water Filters, Electric frying pan, LED ceiling light, Amplifier, Cable, Megaphones, Outdoor wall lamp

Main Exhibits: Polyresin gift items, Satellite TV receiver, Satellite Receiver, Pencil sharpener, Waterproof bag, Backpack, School bags

Main Exhibits: Exhaust brake valve, Clutch servo, Brake valve, Clutch Discs, Cosmetic products for women, Upright vacuum cleaner, Other Consumer Electronics and Information Products, Men's underwear, Lady pant, Vests, Comforter case, Notebooks, PVC shee

Main Exhibits: Chain slings, Rigging hardware, Electric chain hoist, Gamepad, Other computer entertainment equipment

Main Exhibits: Sighting device and accessories

Main Exhibits: Dry battery, Lithium battery

Main Exhibits: DVD-R/DVD+R blank CD

Main Exhibits: Wire mouse, Keyboard, Wireless headphone, Bluetooth headset, Headset

Main Exhibits: CD Boombox With Radio, Cable

Main Exhibits: Laptop battery

Main Exhibits: Cotton candy, Bluetooth speaker, Cotton apron, Other bakery food, Jewelry box, Emulation flower, Printed lace table cloths, Other toys, Coaster

Main Exhibits: Prepaid card, Magnetic card, Other Consumer Electronics and Information Products

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