Furs, leather, downs & related products

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Main Exhibits: White duck down mattress, Pillow inner, Waterproof pillow protector, Feather pillows, back cushion, Down mattress pad, Other feather & down products, Comforter, Comforter, Down alternative comforter, Vertical seam quilt, Microfiber beddi

Main Exhibits: PVC Leather, PU leather, Sofa leather, Artificial leather, Leather garments

Main Exhibits: PVC Leather, Other textile raw materials and fabrics

Main Exhibits: Sofa leather, PVC Leather, Faux Leather , Leather garments, Artificial leather

Main Exhibits: PU leather

Main Exhibits: Protective gloves

Main Exhibits: Artificial leather, Leather garments, Other leather and its products, TPU spherical leather, Other fur/leather/down and their products, Upholstery leather, Leather garments, Sofa leather

Main Exhibits: Handbag, Pu & synthetic leather belt, PU leather

Main Exhibits: Artificial leather, PU leather, Embroidery leather, Upholstery leather, Leather garments, Sofa leather, Regenerated leather, PVC Leather

Main Exhibits: Artificial leather, PU leather, Upholstery leather, Sofa leather, Leather garments, PVC Leather, Suede

Main Exhibits: PU leather, Artificial leather

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