Consumer Goods

Food (807)

Main Exhibits: Umbrellas, Sewing kit, Storage box, Scrub with pad, cleaning balls and sponge

Main Exhibits: Western dinner set, Ceramic mug, Mug decal, Ceramic coffee cup & saucer

Main Exhibits: Baby diapers, Mask, Adult?diapers

Main Exhibits: Other Tableware

Main Exhibits: Cups, Thermos vacuum flask, Cup lids, Multi-purpose thermo cups, Mug, Travel cup, Water bottles and water bottles, Plastic tumbler, Office cups, Coffee mug

Main Exhibits: Cookware set

Main Exhibits: Kitchen scale

Main Exhibits: Shampoo, Shampoo, Skin care products, Baby oil, Hand sanitizer

Main Exhibits: Storage box, Shoe boxes, Vacuum freezing bags, Storage drawer, Clothes Baskets, Organizer bag, Cabinets for storage, Mobile shelf, Others family use house arts

Main Exhibits: Plush pet toy, Other Pet Grooming and Cleaning Products

Main Exhibits: Other House cleaning appliance

Main Exhibits: Paper cup

Main Exhibits: Other tableware products

Main Exhibits: Others family use house arts

Main Exhibits: Biodegradable products, Other Tableware, Tapas set with slate tray

Main Exhibits: Chopsticks, Other disposable goods, Ice cream stick, Mirror, Other daily goods, Others family use house arts

Main Exhibits: Glass ware, Tea tin, Paper cup, Cup&saucer, Wine bottle, Goblet, Glass tumblers

Main Exhibits: Disposable cup

Main Exhibits: Disposable cup, Disposable tableware, Disposable cup, Paper cup, Paper cup sleeve, Other disposable goods, Disposable food containers

Main Exhibits: Paper cup, PLA biodegradable straws, Disposable food containers, Other disposable goods

Main Exhibits: Disposable gloves, Clothes Baskets, Other washing products, Cleaning Cloth, Scouring pad, Scrub with pad, cleaning balls and sponge, Ladie's coat, Women's skirt, Women's blouses, Corduroy jacket, Georgette, Tank top, Other ladie's garment,

Main Exhibits: Cosmetic brush, Makeup-bashing, Make up kits

Main Exhibits: Other Lady shoes, Other men's shoes, Other kids' shoes, Paper cup

Main Exhibits: Electronic scale

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