Hardware & Tools

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Main Exhibits: Drill bits

Main Exhibits: Screwdriver, Hex key wrench, Other Hand Tools

Main Exhibits: Knife gate valves

Main Exhibits: Door and window handle, Single Towel Bar, Double Towel Bar, Bath Towel Ring, Soap Rack, Toilet Paper Rack

Main Exhibits: Electric hammer, Other Power Tools

Main Exhibits: Other Power Tools

Main Exhibits: Sweater cardigan, Suitcase, Power Glue Gun, Fashion hat

Main Exhibits: Electronic saws, Angle grinder, Slotter, Electric hammer, Blower

Main Exhibits: Chain saw, Hedge trimmer, Bush Cutter (Grass Cutter)

Main Exhibits: Other Barrow/Platform hand truck and Parts, Mobile shelf, Trailer parts, Aluminium product, prefab house

Main Exhibits: Padlock, Others lock and hardwares, key Cylinder, Stainless Steel Round Lock , Hammer locks, Lock Body, Electronic lock, Cylinder Lock , Steel lock, Bicycle locks, Atomic lock, Tubular lock, Cylinders, The key embryonic

Main Exhibits: Electric drill, Angle grinder, Electric hammer, Cutting machines

Main Exhibits: Cutting machines, grinder, Pound drills, Other Power Tools, Corner Drill

Main Exhibits: Milling, Drill bits, Other Power Tools

Main Exhibits: Other Construction Hardware

Main Exhibits: Pound drills, Trimmer, Cordless angle grinder, Electric hammer, Drill bits, Hedge trimmer, Bush Cutter (Grass Cutter), Chain saw, Other Garden Tools

Main Exhibits: Welding generator, Electrical arc welding pliers, Welding torch, Soldering gun, Tip Cleaner, Backfire Preventer , Welding auto darkening helmet, Protective gloves, Welding mask, Fire Blanket, Regulator, Grinding disc/cutting disc, Flap Whe

Main Exhibits: Threading machine

Main Exhibits: Ratchet wrench, Adj wrench, three jaws gear puller, socket, Hand tools combination, Air blow gun, Inflator gun

Main Exhibits: Pound drills, Power Glue Gun, Cordless angle grinder, Trimming Tools, Pole hedge trimmer, Chain saw, Corner Drill , Other Power Tools, Electric hammer, Electric screwdriver, Electric wrench, Electric drill, Electronic saws, Other Power To

Main Exhibits: Other Power Tools, Pound drills, CNC engraving machine, grinder, Shaving Machine, Cordless angle grinder, Cutting machines

Main Exhibits: Artificial boxwood hedges

Main Exhibits: Fire hydrant box, Sliding rollers, Other furniture hardware, Windows wheels, Bracket

Main Exhibits: Chain saw, Bush Cutter (Grass Cutter), Cutting machines

Main Exhibits: Nail-gun, Powered Spray Gun, Hot air gun, Blower, Electric battery sprayer, High-pressure airless paint spray

Main Exhibits: Padlock, Bronze lock, Electronic lock, Steel lock, key Cylinder, Swing bolt lock, Iron padlock, Copper value Lock, Half Beam-wrapped Lock, Full Beam-wrapped Lock, Iron gate lock, Bicycle locks, Mechanical lock

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