Food (807)

Main Exhibits: Fence, Fittings of railings, Warning barrier, Post, Metal mesh, Garden fence , Galvanized iron wire, Rooftop Mesh (Metal Wire), Anchor, Balcony fence

Main Exhibits: Bolts, Washer, Other Fasteners, Nail Wire, Nut, Standard parts, Thimble, Wire netting, Fiberglass window screening, Other Doors and Windows Hardware, U type nail, Steel nail, Brad Nail, clout nails, twisted nails, roofing nails, furniture

Main Exhibits: Other hardware products

Main Exhibits: Bolts, Prestressing anchorage, Nut, Thread bars

Main Exhibits: Other furniture hardware, Other hardware products

Main Exhibits: Metal mesh, Garden fence , Anchor, U type nail, clout nails, galv nails, Fiberglass window screening, Wire netting, Castings and forgings, iron decorative baluster, Tie wire, E.G roofing nails, black concrete nails, masonry cut nails, twi

Main Exhibits: Others lock and hardwares

Main Exhibits: Panic Exit Device, Door closer

Main Exhibits: Butterfly valve, Pipe fittings, Stop valve, Flanges, Equal elbow, Carbon steel butt-welded fitting, Flange, Air valve, Check valve, Gate valve

Main Exhibits: Disposable tableware, Guardrail, handrail, grab rail, key Cylinder

Main Exhibits: Brass fittings, Butterfly valve, Flanges, Compression fittings, Check valve, Gate valve, Pipe fittings, Other Valves

Main Exhibits: Welding wires

Main Exhibits: Casters with rubber wheel, PU wheel, Caster, Barrow parts, Other Barrow/Platform hand truck and Parts, Wheel spoke

Main Exhibits: Other furniture hardware

Main Exhibits: Office door lock series, IC card locks, Electronic lock

Main Exhibits: Tools shelf, Mobile shelf, Exhibition Shelf, Folder, Other document holders and bags, Ceramic mosaic, Decoration

Main Exhibits: Steel wire rope, Shackle, Ratchet load binder & lever type load binder

Main Exhibits: Other hardware products

Main Exhibits: stainless steel wire rope

Main Exhibits: Other hardware products

Main Exhibits: grinder, Cutting machines, Cordless angle grinder, Other Power Tools, Shaving Machine, Pound drills, Marble cutter, Grease gun, Measuring Tools, Stone cutting machine, Angle grinder

Main Exhibits: stainless steel wire rope, galvanized steel wire rope, Steel wire rope, Metal wire

Main Exhibits: stainless steel wire rope

Main Exhibits: galvanized steel wire rope

Main Exhibits: Mortise lock, key Cylinder, Parking lock, Furniture locks, Handles, Weather strips, Hardware fittings, Door and window handle

Main Exhibits: Brass fittings

Main Exhibits: Other hardware products

Main Exhibits: Hinge,handle,tower bolt,roller, Guide rail

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