Large Machinery & Equipment

Food (807)

Main Exhibits: Package Molding Machine

Main Exhibits: Frozen meat grinder, Vegetable and fruit processing machines, Meet Slicer, Cooking Device, Frying Food Machine

Main Exhibits: Blow Molding Machine, CNC Machining center, Miller, Lathe, Grinding machine

Main Exhibits: Water treatment system, Grain Storage Works, Aerator, Other Large Machinery & Equipment, Pressure vessels, Separator

Main Exhibits: Other Large Machinery & Equipment

Main Exhibits: Storage box, Working garments, Other drawing tools, Tent, Coffee and tea set

Main Exhibits: CNC steel bar bending machine, Fully Automatic Steel Bar Straighter and Cutter, Reinforcement and stirrup bending machine, Steel bar cutter, Metal Straightening Machine, Other Welding Equipment

Main Exhibits: Grain Storage Works

Main Exhibits: CNC Machining center, Other Machine Tools, Other Metal Processing Machinery

Main Exhibits: Others family use house arts

Main Exhibits: CNC metal engraving machine, CNC Plasma Cutting Machines, Laser Welding Machine, Pipe Cutting Tool, Other Metal Processing Machinery, Other Large Machinery & Equipment, Mask Blank Making Machine, Press brake

Main Exhibits: Candy machine

Main Exhibits: Biscuit production line, Food and beverage processing machinery

Main Exhibits: Band saw, Pipe Cutting Tool, Tube End Forming Machine, Hydraulic punching and shearing machine, Other Metal Processing Machinery, Flange machine, Press brake, Shear Machine

Main Exhibits: Mixer, Variable-speed Dispersing Machine, Filling Machine, Filling machine

Main Exhibits: Strapping Machine, LED spot light, Outdoor furniture, Outdoor furniture cover, Rustic tiles, Double loading tile, Ceramic mosaic

Main Exhibits: Shredder, Plastic crusher, Plastic washing line, Plastic Granulation Machine, Municipal Solid Waste Composting System, Waste tire fine rubber powder production line, Granulation Production Line, Pelletizing extruder

Main Exhibits: Other Metal Processing Machinery

Main Exhibits: Filling Machine, Package Molding Machine, Candy machine, Fully automatic hard candy production line, Filling machine

Main Exhibits: Injection molding machine

Main Exhibits: Strapping Machine, Other tableware products

Main Exhibits: Steel Plate Forming Machine, Steel Glazed Tile Forming Machine, Tile Machine, Corrugated Machine, Other Building Materials Processing Equipment

Main Exhibits: Grinding Mill, Purifier, Stone Removing Machine

Main Exhibits: Complete Production Line For Manufactured Sand

Main Exhibits: Boiler, Evaporator, Industrial Heater

Main Exhibits: Grinding Mill, Stone Removing Machine, Rice milling machine

Main Exhibits: Other Large Machinery & Equipment

Main Exhibits: CNC wire cutting machine, Other Machine Tools, Small hole drilling EDM machine

Main Exhibits: Hydraulic press machine, Press brake, Power press, Plate straightening machine, Flange machine, Drawing mill, Other Forging Machinery, Wheelset Press Machine , Press brake, Other Metal Processing Machinery, Cooker auto product line, Consu

Main Exhibits: Other Large Machinery & Equipment

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