Electronics & Household Electrical Appliances

Food (807)

Main Exhibits: Food processor, Hand Mixer, Electric irons

Main Exhibits: Other consumer electronics

Main Exhibits: Power bank, Safety shoes, Safety helmet, Welding mask, Egg cooker, Refrigerators, Air purifier, Rechargeable fan, Water purifier, PC Case, LCD TV, Man suit jacket and trousers, Ladie's coat, Kid's snowboots, Snow boots, Rubber boots, Rain

Main Exhibits: Solar Water Heater, Solar collector, Water purifier, Air purifier, Modular stoves

Main Exhibits: Fresh-keeping container, Coffee grinder, Digital tyre-pressure measurer, Full body tile, Food processor, Storage box

Main Exhibits: Other Consumer Electronics and Information Products

Main Exhibits: Other Power Tools, Fans, Other Doors and Windows Hardware

Main Exhibits: Electric Frie Place, Electric Patio heater

Main Exhibits: Fans, Juice extractors, Bench lathe, Electric Slicer, Other Consumer Electronics and Information Products, CNC Machining center, Tower fans, Electric rice cookers, Toaster

Main Exhibits: Cables, Other electrician's outfits, Household cable

Main Exhibits: Other Vehicle Spare Parts, Keyboard, Baseball cap, Polyester blanket, Canvas shoes, Luggage case, Dining chair, Others family use house arts, Tableware pad, Other marketing gifts and premiums

Main Exhibits: Drying machines

Main Exhibits: Bill counters, Banknote detector

Main Exhibits: DC stabilized power supply, Switching Power Adapter, Other electrical and electronic products

Main Exhibits: Other leisure jackets /coats, Pullover for men, Men's shirt, Other Men's clothing, Other clothing for men and women, Denim jeans, Kid's down garment, children's jacket, Infant clothing assembly, Flannel, Beach towels, Soft slippers, Snow b

Main Exhibits: Other electrician's outfits, Thyristor, Transistor

Main Exhibits: Other consumer electronics, Other Consumer Electronics and Information Products

Main Exhibits: Electric coffee pot, Salad spinner, Water Heating Machine, Cordless electric kettle, Other Kitchen Household Appliances, Coffee set

Main Exhibits: Dress jacket, Men's shirt, Women's blouses, Ladie's knit wear, Flannel, Cotton thermal blanket, Fur blanket, Blinds fabric, Microfiber wipe cloth, Fluorescence pen, Mark pen, Mop pens, Other oily pens, Back bag, Acrylic art set, Suitcase,

Main Exhibits: Other hardware products, Gazebo, Sun protective cloth, Awning, Other shade products, Safety net, Anti-bird net, Other horticultural supplies

Main Exhibits: Butterfly valve, Induction cooker, Audio/video accessories, Holiday lighting, Down quilt, Shuttlecock, Notebooks, Other Trolley bag, Integrated beauty instruments, Other tableware products, Washer pump, PVC floor tile, UPVC profile

Main Exhibits: -

Main Exhibits: Other Consumer Electronics and Information Products

Main Exhibits: Refrigerator Parts, Washing Machine Parts

Main Exhibits: Washing machines, Automatic washing machine, Drying machines

Main Exhibits: Cables, Wires

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