Food (807)

Main Exhibits: Canned fruit, Canned vegetables, Canned mushroom

Main Exhibits: Rice, green gram, Yellow soybeans, small red bean, kidney bean, Black beans, Cowpea, Other beans, Grist breakfast

Main Exhibits: Ginger products, Dehydrated vegetable

Main Exhibits: Chicken essence

Main Exhibits: Fruit and vegetable juice, Black fungus, lngredient , Other edible mushrooms, Energy drink, Biscuit

Main Exhibits: Food packaging, Beverage sealing film, Packing materials, Other food packing

Main Exhibits: Unsalted butter, Milk, Other dairy products

Main Exhibits: Chestnut, Preserved fruit, dried fruit, Beans

Main Exhibits: Biscuit

Main Exhibits: Hard candy, pressed candy, Soft sugar, popping candy, Gum sugar, Jelly pop

Main Exhibits: Chocolate, Chocolate chewing candy, Jelly pop, puffed food, Biscuit, Other bakery food

Main Exhibits: Fruit and vegetable juice

Main Exhibits: dehydrated fruit and vegetable, Other animal & plant oil

Main Exhibits: Dark tea, Black tea, Pu-er tea, Other related products, Instant tea

Main Exhibits: Hot pot seasoning, Other food flavors

Main Exhibits: Preserved vegetable

Main Exhibits: Meat canned food , Canned mushroom, Canned fish, Canned vegetables, Canned fruit, Beans

Main Exhibits: Other bean products

Main Exhibits: Camellia seed oil, Plants extract

Main Exhibits: Bee honey, Bee pollen, Beeswax, Bee propolis, Honey powder (dry honey powder, solid honey)

Main Exhibits: Bee honey, Bee propolis

Main Exhibits: Condiments

Main Exhibits: Other edible mushrooms, Black fungus

Main Exhibits: Coffee

Main Exhibits: egg roll

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