Home Decorations

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Main Exhibits: Kitchen wares, Desktop supplies, Daily used products and hotel used products

Main Exhibits: Parlor sofa

Main Exhibits: Filing cabinet, Cabinets for storage, Computer table, Magazine racks and newspaper racks, Combined cupboard, Cabinet for small things, Bookshelf, Teapoy, Corner table, Shoe cabinets, Separating cabinets, Decorative cabinet , wall shelf, Bo

Main Exhibits: Outdoor sofa, Cane furniture, Gazebo, Outdoor umbrella and base

Main Exhibits: Storage box, Fruit Basket, Storage box, Solid wood picture frame, Bamboo and wooden products

Main Exhibits: Jewelry box, Storage box, Drawer box

Main Exhibits: Glass tumblers, Desktop supplies, Canisters, Kitchen wares, Oil & vinegar bottles, Red wine-cup, Wine bottle, Daily used products and hotel used products, Tempered glass cutting board

Main Exhibits: Other furniture

Main Exhibits: Massage table, Barchair, Dining chairs

Main Exhibits: Office chair, Mesh chair, Leather bench, Barchair, Dining chairs, Hotel chair, Kid chair

Main Exhibits: Decoration mirror frame, Other decorating mirrors, Jewelry box, Plastic frame, Other home decoration products

Main Exhibits: Wooden arts and handicrafts

Main Exhibits: Flower ornament, rattan vase, Bamboo/wood vase, Other artificial flowers and peripherals

Main Exhibits: Wooden arts and handicrafts, Willow laundry basket, Grass basket, Wooden frame with bamboo cabinet

Main Exhibits: Wooden home decoration, Wooden arts and handicrafts, Wooden tray, Pet product, Wooden gifts, Other wooden products

Main Exhibits: Willow items, Wooden gifts, Willow products, Other weaving products, Straw item

Main Exhibits: Outdoor furniture, Patio set, Outdoor sofa, Swing, Outdoor bench, Cane furniture, Complex board furniture series, Recliner chair, Hammock, Foldable chair, Iron park bench, Outdoor chair, Antique-finished furniture

Main Exhibits: Bamboo/wood vase, Other home decoration products

Main Exhibits: Glass tumblers, Glass kettle, Kitchen wares, Coffee mug, Glass bottle, Glass and porcelain ware

Main Exhibits: Swing, Cane furniture, Recliner chair, Outdoor chair, Woven furniture series, Foldable chair, Outdoor bench

Main Exhibits: Kitchen wares, Glass teaware, Glass tumblers, Glass jar, Canister, Lead-free crystal stemware, Glass dish, Bowl, Glass goblet, Coffee mug, Kettles, Glass bowl, Daily used products and hotel used products, Barwares, Borosilicate glass, Glas

Main Exhibits: Flower pot, Suspended platforms

Main Exhibits: Willow items, Wooden arts and handicrafts

Main Exhibits: -

Main Exhibits: Outdoor furniture, Outdoor desk, Outdoor bench, Recliner chair, Outdoor furniture, Swing, Bed, Parlor sofa

Main Exhibits: Other garden sight view and decorations, Flower pot, Suspended platforms, Flower pot tray, Hanging baskets inner liner, Other flowerpots and plantations, Emulation flower

Main Exhibits: Glass ware, Glass kettle, Ice buckets, Glass tumblers, Glass dish, Glass flower flute, Glass candy jar, Tea sets, Bowl, Glass tumble, Fruit dish, Juice glass, Red wine-cup, Machine-pressed tumbler, Cup, Salad bowl, Glass tumble, Ashtray, W

Main Exhibits: Glass tumblers, Glass jar, Cosmetics glass bottles, Machine-pressed tumbler, Salad bowl

Main Exhibits: Wooden arts and handicrafts

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